Wednesday, May 4, 2016

long range vs. tracking radar

Stealth technology has advanced so much. An emergency detection radar utilizes longer wavelengths for early detection but then there is tracking radar on fighter jets. Long range radar detection is not as accurate as tracking radar and is easily avoidable. There are multiple ways to avoid this long range radar. The multiple ways mostly include technology implemented into the design of the jets. The way any plane can avoid this type of radar is to just fly at low altitudes because the terrain helps to block the waves sent out by the radar. This is because the waves can be blocked by rises in terrain, however, flying at these altitudes can be very dangerous. These radar detection systems can be somewhat ineffective against missiles because they fly very low to the ground and very fast and will only occasionally hit one of the radar waves to be detected. Also, long range detection only fires once every 15 to 20 seconds. That makes missiles very dangerous and difficult to detect. Tracking radar is very effective because it shoots off at a faster rate compared to the early detection radar. The waves sent off by tracking radar have a much shorter wavelength, as well as, at a higher frequency. This makes detecting objects in air space more effective because it is meant to be used in air combat. It has to be quick and effective.

Living for the purpose of living

Today is the last night me and the majority of my friends are going to be together. It's really sad that we're going our separate ways for the time being. I'm going to miss them but we're going to hang out over summer so ti's all good. Today we spent all day together before we start to leave one by one tomorrow. I am glad I met the people here at Lewis. Hopefully we stay friends for life. I always think about that when I think about my major because my junior year I have to start taking classes at IIT so I won't be living on campus and I feel like some distance will begin to form between us. College is going to be great as long as I stay with these people.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lessons to Learn From Robin Williams' Performance in "The Dead Poets Society"

I always thought this movie to be amazing because of its overall message. I connected so well to this movie because it repeats the message of becoming great, nonconformity, art as a great beauty, and the importance of following your dreams. The messages of becoming great and following your dreams blur together throughout the movie. I see the blurring together in two quotes that stuck out to me. "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may ~ Carpe Diem..." and "The powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.". From these I came to the realization that we all have something that we are passionate for, something that makes us want to get up and "do". The important thing is to do what you are passionate about  "...[to] contribute a verse..." because "We are food for worms cuz believe it or not; each and everyone of us in this room is one day going to stop breathing, turn cold, and die."and to not only contribute a verse but that contributing a verse does not have to be big or small but every verse is of equal greatness, as long as, the author of that verse deems it to be what he/she is most passionate about. 
In the link below, are just some other great quotes from the movie:


It's Tuesday and the napalm fires have settled down, screams are starting to quiet themselves, and both sides have just agreed to a cease fire to gather the wounded from the battlefield. On the side some people have already made their exit from the war while others still are fighting to get to a point where they can safely evacuate without being followed or shot pendent their exit. The infrastructure is standing but only because the fighting that has been going on has been that of  perseverance to survive and emotional distress. At this point most people are fighting the enemy anymore, they are fighting themselves and fighting to survive. I've seen more men and women break down around this time than in any other extent of time. The people are delirious and are losing morale. The concussion from the artillery has created zombies. Everyone is just going through the motions of their new found routines of wartime.

I am talking about school of course..

Sleep Deprivation

Have you ever been so low on sleep that you become delirious and began to hallucinate? It's pretty fun up until realize that you can't function when you have to actually get work done. It's a crazy feeling. I don't wish sleep deprivation on anyone but to be honest it's bound to happen at some point.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Semester's End

It's the end of spring 2016 and the end of Freshmen year. I survived freshmen year for the most part. First semester kicked my butt more than second semester but I'm on a climb now and I'll only go up from this point. Thanks to all my professors. They were all great and I learned so much. I'm sorry to my first semester professors because I feel I let them down. I could've done so much better but for some reason it was so weird to me and I didn't adjust soon enough. I'm glad it's summer and I made it but sad because alot of my friends live far away from me so I won't be able to see them that often. I grew so close to them and I love them all it's just sad to be away from them for so long especially because I'm used to being with them everyday. Cheers to freshmen year because we don't always succeed the first time we try something. Failure isn't an excuse to quit because you haven't truely failed until you stop trying. So if you're reading this and you're struggling through something just know that it will get better.
"A lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain"

Sunday, April 24, 2016

End of the Semester tips

Then I realized I still have a week of classes and that the workload this week will be that of the entire semester condensed into a single week. I for sure will be painting my face and motivating my neighbors in Founders to get out of dodge of school and to take a summer off of life-shortening stress. I actually read the other day that chronic stress can start to eat away at brain matter. Stress is also a motivator as long as you teach yourself to handle it well. You have to ride the metaphorical wave of stress but don't let yourself fall into the wave or else it will be too late for you. So finish the semester strong. Do NOT lose motivation you're so close to the end. Finish the race in a sprint and don't slow down until after you've crossed the finish line, YOU WILL SURVIVE.

"Winners never quit and quitters never win" - Vince Lambardi


So today has been weird. My usual lack of focus is now 10 fold as I struggle to finish off the rest of my paper for college writing. This stinks worse than [Insert noun] by a factor of a million. It's like trying to focus the beam of a lantern into an illuminating beam with a diameter which seems infinity small at this point because I can't even point the light in only one direction. I am actually typing this instead of my paper because in the time of 2 hours I have written maybe 3 sentences. Need tips n' tricks on how to focus? Don't come here. you're better off listening to a dog chasing a squirrel. Atleast, the dog can focus on the darn thing long enough to chase it up a tree. Boom roasted. Not really. I just need to type my paper but until then I'll just chill here. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 2...actually

The island is drifting away from underneath me, but then what am I standing on? Not important..must go to sleep...but if I sleep now I might not wake up. Okay goodnight, ZzzZzz.. *Wakes up on a bed in the medical wing of a rescue ship* Oh my lanta Batman it was all a dream. I better get up, I must of been laying here for a long time. I'll head over to the control room to see what has been going on while I napped. *To my surprise* There is no one here..but there is a note.. oh no it's just a tissue. There is no trace of anyone or of any struggle. This can't be real.. but it was. Here I was thinking that I was the one that had gone missing but, in reality, I was the only one that was left. I have to go back, back to headquarters to see if they have any clue as to what has happend to my comrades.. why are we the only ship left in the battlefield. Where has the enemy fled to? Were they destroyed? Were we destroyed? If that was the case why is this ship still sitting up here if all the other ships were shot down. I need to know what happend here..

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What do you Love? What do you want to do?

In school I chose what I love. I chose Physics and engineering. I chose Physics/Engineering because I love to learn and I want to keep learning forever in the field that I am in. Then with that comes a more specific love, love to solve problems, love to be clever, love to overcome obstacles. There is a high that comes from thinking of a solution to a problem, and the high is especially intense if that solution works. The joy comes in finding a solution but the path to get to the solution makes the end worth so much more. Building off of that, I want to do what I love. Engineering combines my love of problem solving with my obsession with bringing ideas into real life. The two greatest feelings that can come from these two career directions will be solving problems and being able to create things from ideas in my head. To see the real thing and see how closely it matches with an idea in my head is the best feeling ever. I want to be an inventor and that's it. I want to learn all I can in school to make me the best inventor I can be. Now being an inventor doesn't mean I have be creating ground-breaking inventions on a regular basis or even one ground-breaking invention. It just means I want to create. Whether I create in my garage on a budget that resembles the half-filled hat of a street performer or a budget that resembles Fort Knox. I can create for companies. I can improve on ideas that already exist.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Big Picture Details of the Beginning

Day 1
Today is the first day stranded on this God-forsaken island. My ship was damaged in a battle, I'm lucky I didn't die on impact. My space suit is equip with a kinetic energy absorbing jelly that saved me from severe bodily damage. I did hit my head pretty hard, though. Helmets tend to not work as well when your fall is from  the stratosphere. This war between the Draks and the Meekem has been going on for ages now. Even worse I am stuck here pondering the culmination of these events. until I can be rescued.Three generations of my brothers and sisters all fighting in a war that the War & Peace Security Council has labeled as critically vital. The council brings forces from all over the universe to help bring quicker endings to wars across the universe. Earth was foolish to join The Council. Earth's technology is significantly behind that of the rest of the universe's races' technology. We are just offering bodies to be shot by our enemies. The Council has taken the side of the Draks. One would think that when the entire universe's forces combine to end wars, those wars end would come quickly, however, our forces are spread too thin.

Pre-Registration into Sophomore Year

Today I got my schedule finalized and approved by my adviser. 17 credits for Fall 2016, shouldn't be bad. With only Physics lab next from here on out, Having more than one lab is a bit difficult, especially because my other lab is chemistry and I am not the greatest at it. I am slowly refining my classes to focus down more closely on my major. I have nothing against chemistry, I just prefer physics but am not to upset about being done with Gen Chem(s) I & II. Math and Physics are the main focus but I wish I could fit in some language classes , also that Lewis had a minor in French. Well freshman year is almost over and I can't wait to further my education but I don't want it to end too quick. I want to enjoy the ride to the top. I can't just jump from here, I have to take the slow incline so I can have time to build my foundations. This is going to be a trip..

QOD (quote of the day)
"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" ~ Isaac Newton

Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Research Question 3/31/16

1) Why is this your topic of discovery?
My topic is the water quality of Lake Michigan, how it has changed over time, and how its quality is affecting the drinking water of Chicago now.

2) What question do you want to answer?
I want to understand how having the big city and all its industry next to Lake Michigan has affected the quality of the water? I want to know if the effect has been positive or negative? Have animals played a part in degrading the quality of the water or do they help? Has the city's presence affected what animal life revolves around the lake? Is there a way to revert any negative impact people have made or if the change is a positive one, is there a way to maintain and/or enhance that positive change?

3) Why this Question?
I live in Chicago and I know that even if the water still tastes good, there may or may not be something in the water that could make it harmful. I just want to know what kind of treatment the water is going through? Do we use it as a waste fill or do we actually take precautions that are effective in keeping the cleanliness of the lake.

4) What do you need to learn in order to answer this question?
I need to know history on water treatment plants procedures, big industry, near water's edge, procedure in dealing with waste,  efforts taken to revert water pollution, and their effectiveness.

I need experts with specialties that include: marine biologists, biologists, chemists, and officials that deal with the movement of water around the city.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Review day 2 Explanatory Synthesis

Today I had a draft it was only about 400 words. It was the main ideas of each topic in order. I ordered my paper to first define stress, types of stress and varying effects of stress, defining introversion and extroversion, then bringing the paper together by combining all those topics to begin to give possible strategies of beating stress. Today's review didn't do anything for me. I was hoping for ideas on the topics in my paper or maybe what other topics I should include. All they could tell me was to add more information about the topics I already had. It was like "duh" I merely introduced the topics. In a 400 word draft for a paper that's supposed to be ~1500 words long it's obvious I need to add more information but that doesn't help me on how to develop my paper. They couldn't give me the depth I wanted from the review. It's my fault too, I guess I didn't give the reviewers too much to work with in the first place.

First review day for Explanatory Synthesis paper

Today I didn't have a draft ready so I didn't get any feedback. I reviewed Ryan's paper on the global water crisis. He had a really good paper. I could tell he had been putting time into doing a good job because you could see the effort in the paper. He had some small technical problems with APA style and passive voice. It was informative to a big issue that is going on.

Blogs on Review process (300+ words)

 This paper was difficult to start then I got advice from Dr. Wielgos. He helped me to get a good outline of how to transition from topic-to-topic. I refined my topic and put it into simpler words that would make for an easier writing process. My design plan was actually similar to the final paper. I feel as if I just had worded the original design plan weird because I took a long time for me to be able to get anything started but once I got help with transitioning my paper, it was clear how to move forward. I feel like the review process did not help me much this time around. All they could tell me was to add more information, like I didn’t already know that. It was not a full draft, it was the big main ideas of each topic. It just seemed like they just told me really obvious things that I already knew. My final paper was built well, I thought. It went through the topics as planned and actually accomplished my goal for the paper. My goal for the paper was to inform. The topic of my paper was stress and strategies to beat it. The important thing to note about stress was that it affects everyone differently. So I had to give people some kind of measure to compare themselves against so that they could begin to understand themselves before they go out and try to figure out how stress affects them. I don’t think it is possible for people to  figure out how something affects them without having some sort of understanding about themselves. It’s actually really simple addition. If you do (understanding of self) + (everything you learned about stress) = (effects of stress on you). When you acquire a self-understanding you figure out the parameters of who you are as a person and with that you can find where there are weaknesses and the soft spots where you are vulnerable to negativity, too much pressure, too much stress.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Explanatory Synthesis Notes

-What am I explaining? (paragraph)
In this paper I am describing everything that makes up an introvert and an extrovert. This is only background information, however. The main criteria that is going to be looked at for both intro- and extroverts will to determine what each type of mind does with stress. Is stress is brick wall, a motivator, a mind scrambler, or a friend. All of this will be explored and then the next topic that will follow, will be possible techniques for each to make stress their friends and how to better manage stress in their minds.
-Summarize info from each source
Source (1)
The first source is It is a psychological perspective as to all the things that culminate that make an extrovert and an introvert. This is the science that happens in the brain that creates the feelings and sensations of both types.
Source (2)
The second source is a TED talk "The Power of Introverts" by Susan Cain. In this video Cain talks about how forcing introverts to change instead of allowing sometime time for those people to look inward or to be at lower energy levels is a loss for everyone because introverts will be able to function on a clearer thinking wave.
Source (3)
The third source is a TED talk. "How to make stress your friend" by Kelly McGonigal basically presents techniques everyone can use to improve their stress management skills. Stress management is as much a a perspective as it is a physical task.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Explaining my interests

One of my favorite things to do is to watch movies. It doesn't matter if I'm alone, with one friend, or 50 friends. I easily get drawn into movies. I would consider watching movies a well-rounded activity. It combines relaxing, excitement, stimulus, and hanging out with friends. I like watching these movies in my home though, movie theaters are too public to enjoy the movie completely. To watch a movie I want to be comfortable and feel at home. My method of watching movies extracts the realism of the movies so that I feel like I am right in the room with the actors. For the time that I am watching a movie, no matter how fictitious it is, it becomes a very vivid truth and very much real life. Whiplash is a good example where I place myself in the scenes with the actors. I connected with the main character and throughout the movie I felt everything that he felt along the way. When his instructor told him that he played like shit. So he made playing the drums his entire life. He worked for hours until his hands were bleeding and I could feel his frustration when he would make a mistake. It all added to the effect of the movie. I made myself apart of the movie so I felt the effect of every word, every betrayal, every failure, every accomplishment.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Review day 2

The review day went really well, the feedback was actually helpful. I don't know if it was the questions that brought out the genuinely constructive criticism from my classmates or if my class was just mature enough to actually go through and try to give beneficial feedback. Either way, the review helped. I never had a group peer review session. I thought that it worked great because the collaboration of the two people working together gave the feedback some actual quality because they bounced off of each others' thoughts.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Snyder Response Notes

Friends' opinion
- A blog should be "Whatever the hell the writer wants it to be"
-Putting any restrictions on what goes on a blog would change the very aspect of what makes a blog, a blog.
-Chris shared that his teacher in high school really pushed blogging onto the class, saying that it is something that everyone should give a shot. She eventually forced everyone to create a blog; after offering it up as extra credit and still receiving no response from her student body.

Wrapping up 1/19/16

Today in class we covered on developing genres and determining audience. I learned the importance of reaching and writing for your audience. Everything that goes into developing any writing form is determined by the audience one is trying to reach. I found out that even though everyone may be writing to the same audience, everyone has a different perspective and will choose to go about approaching the audience in a different manner.

Dinnertime is the Same for Everyone in the House (7.3c)

My family has a small ritual to always eat dinner together. It is small but it has made a big impact. When I was younger, this rule seemed like an inconvenience to me. I wanted to be out with my friends instead or I wanted to eat in my room with the television on. kajv;lajeoifjesfiajdslfksdl;ajsflsklaksd;fslkafjlajdlfkjdsiadviadlijasfujnadvuaenwa;vasdlfjsadljadlfjdslkjfsa;ldfjasldkfjadsflkjasdflkjsa;lkjcininvsa;idfjaslfieuia;asfe iaseer. idsfoiuwhefoihwsfaoiscwuduidjdjcndskddiejkwjkddiwjfhfnvhdkdkkslkkljdfdlskjsdbvvjslkdidskljsilekdksfnekjrlkejklsdfakdlfjldkfjadlkfjdf.
Eventually, as I got older, I began to notice why this rule so important to my parents. I noticed that even when all of our lives were crazy because of just schedules that never matched up during the day we always had dinner at night. Even if it was at 10 o' clock at night. Dinner was held up until everyone was home and then we all ate. This made more and more sense to me as I got older because I realized that our crazy schedules had no effect on how close the family was. ljlkjsdsdffiljeilfjasdlfijladisjfla;difjflaifvhouervbdavuaoiiueeow
I began to see the difference in my cousinss' famliies aroudn me. They began to drift a bit apart because their lives kept them occupied so it almost seemed like there was a sense of lonliness just being with one of them. They didn't have that regular meeting everyday with their families like I did. oijerroieergrklsgrflkseroiqerjoiajrfdidididieieildlkvnvbvildjsafljslkfsleiiuru;roijareoiehroirejgoijr;oijeroepijrowpiejroiejrioperrjgfiohwerrgindvjksdbfbkhdgjfljadfjadfoijadflaijdfoajdfai;ofj;ioadjsfaflia;esgrf
Now that I am in college and living at school I started to miss fullfilling this daily ritual with my family. I
d like to call my friends here my family and I like to call Lewis( more specifically Founders) my home. I started a new ritual with my second family here because if  Icouldnt be with my family having dinner like usual then I want to atleast be having dinner around my friends I love.

What does it mean when I say____ ?
No limits
Sports to die for....
The only thing holding you back is yourself
CAN'T OR won't...
WHat does it mean when I say "Can't or won't"?
It means that I have lived through many experiences or times in my life holding myself back from exceeding because I didn't want to be different. It started when I was younger, kidswould ask me how do you get 100% all the time and I would just say I don't know it was easy. So eventually I didn't like their surprised face when they would see my grades and so I started to get answers wrong on purpose so that I wouldn't get weird looks from kids. They would just disregard my grades and not pay attention to me. It was a better feeling at the time. Later, I realized what a grave mistake that was and how I handicapped myself mentally. I know I did because eventually I didn't have to fake lower grades I was actually getting lower grades. So then growing up once I was approaching high school I actually had to start working hard again to get the A's I used to effortlessly receive. This carried over in sports but not personally. I always played to my best  abillity in posrtts. This came into play when  iwould see other people slacking. I would questoin if they even wsanted to be there. Kids that werent runnign or easily giving the ball away. Then I realized that I was previously living a life that was the same exact thing. I put limits on myself that did not actually exisgt. 

Not being yourself is like...
Holding bzck potnetial isl ike 
"Going easy" is like
conforming is like......llkadskajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj lkj;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;j;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Killing a puppy because it was goign to die eventually
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Conformation to the aspirations of  others is like throwing a life away.
WHy live your life being anything less than everything you can grow to become.,
what if who you are meant to be is exactly what the people around you need in their lives. what if their lives are menat to change for the best because you said sonethign or did something that rang so loudly in their concieous minds that kick starts their growth. 

Reflection on Writing Project I

Peer reviewing in this class was different from peer reviewing I have done in other classes. I never reviewed papers with a partner and never had a group review my paper. The questions were short but got to the point so that the reviewer could easily understand the general structure the paper should be taking and also to help figure out if the author of that paper was fulfilling that structure. Not only did reviews help to fix my draft but seeing the mistakes others made, helped to realize the error in the way I had structured mine. Even if the reviewers half-assed it, it was two of them so the forced collaboration really helped to get something helpful out of every review. In reference to the original design plan, my essay did go along those parameters but did not go as in depth into the outside sources as originally planned. The topics I mentioned in the design plan were covered briefly to explain a possible reasoning for the behavior of the people around me. That was the goal on how I was going to incorporate the outside source, however, going more in depth in the source independently could have helped the audience form some of their own assumptions. Those assumptions could have helped the author to build more background and to more easily reach my level of understanding and see my perspective more clearly. I wrote about the tendency of human nature but focused on typical behavior of kids. This was not the plan at first, but once it manifested itself on paper, it proved to be a better route, in my perspective. I introduced the source as tendencies of human nature which left it vague and a bit unrelated as it was supposed to be but then when I actually began to associate the source and the memoir together, it made it easy to make a clear connection between the two. Focusing on the one aspect helped to meld the source and memoir and bring the two to a point and end the paper at a high when both aspects of the paper are the most blended. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

What are our responsibilities to each other when we blog?

The responsibilities that associated with a blog are not meant to restrain, but to be forms of inspiration and expression. In blogging one does not owe anything to anyone except for their most creative and free opinions, ideas, and discussions. In a blog one might write about their day-to-day experiences or their next big idea. Well, either way, it is an expression of ones self. The expression can be a want to share with other, a want to expand upon, or a want to argue. The responsibilities are purely artistic. Blogs are places where one might try to reveal there true self, whereas, that same person may not be able to anywhere else. The blog is a place ones' absolute whole mindset to be expressed. Nothing except the truth and all of the truth belong in a publishing expressed in the form of a blog post. Freedom rings in the sanctum of the web where a blog calls home. The responsibility of expressing ones' whole self is vital in order to use the blog to its full potential. Just as a blog makes the web its home, make it home for your thoughts, worries, or joys. The internet can be a warm place if given the opportunity to feel the warmness inside of ourselves.