Thursday, January 14, 2016

What are our responsibilities to each other when we blog?

The responsibilities that associated with a blog are not meant to restrain, but to be forms of inspiration and expression. In blogging one does not owe anything to anyone except for their most creative and free opinions, ideas, and discussions. In a blog one might write about their day-to-day experiences or their next big idea. Well, either way, it is an expression of ones self. The expression can be a want to share with other, a want to expand upon, or a want to argue. The responsibilities are purely artistic. Blogs are places where one might try to reveal there true self, whereas, that same person may not be able to anywhere else. The blog is a place ones' absolute whole mindset to be expressed. Nothing except the truth and all of the truth belong in a publishing expressed in the form of a blog post. Freedom rings in the sanctum of the web where a blog calls home. The responsibility of expressing ones' whole self is vital in order to use the blog to its full potential. Just as a blog makes the web its home, make it home for your thoughts, worries, or joys. The internet can be a warm place if given the opportunity to feel the warmness inside of ourselves.