Wednesday, May 4, 2016

long range vs. tracking radar

Stealth technology has advanced so much. An emergency detection radar utilizes longer wavelengths for early detection but then there is tracking radar on fighter jets. Long range radar detection is not as accurate as tracking radar and is easily avoidable. There are multiple ways to avoid this long range radar. The multiple ways mostly include technology implemented into the design of the jets. The way any plane can avoid this type of radar is to just fly at low altitudes because the terrain helps to block the waves sent out by the radar. This is because the waves can be blocked by rises in terrain, however, flying at these altitudes can be very dangerous. These radar detection systems can be somewhat ineffective against missiles because they fly very low to the ground and very fast and will only occasionally hit one of the radar waves to be detected. Also, long range detection only fires once every 15 to 20 seconds. That makes missiles very dangerous and difficult to detect. Tracking radar is very effective because it shoots off at a faster rate compared to the early detection radar. The waves sent off by tracking radar have a much shorter wavelength, as well as, at a higher frequency. This makes detecting objects in air space more effective because it is meant to be used in air combat. It has to be quick and effective.

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