Sunday, April 24, 2016

End of the Semester tips

Then I realized I still have a week of classes and that the workload this week will be that of the entire semester condensed into a single week. I for sure will be painting my face and motivating my neighbors in Founders to get out of dodge of school and to take a summer off of life-shortening stress. I actually read the other day that chronic stress can start to eat away at brain matter. Stress is also a motivator as long as you teach yourself to handle it well. You have to ride the metaphorical wave of stress but don't let yourself fall into the wave or else it will be too late for you. So finish the semester strong. Do NOT lose motivation you're so close to the end. Finish the race in a sprint and don't slow down until after you've crossed the finish line, YOU WILL SURVIVE.

"Winners never quit and quitters never win" - Vince Lambardi


So today has been weird. My usual lack of focus is now 10 fold as I struggle to finish off the rest of my paper for college writing. This stinks worse than [Insert noun] by a factor of a million. It's like trying to focus the beam of a lantern into an illuminating beam with a diameter which seems infinity small at this point because I can't even point the light in only one direction. I am actually typing this instead of my paper because in the time of 2 hours I have written maybe 3 sentences. Need tips n' tricks on how to focus? Don't come here. you're better off listening to a dog chasing a squirrel. Atleast, the dog can focus on the darn thing long enough to chase it up a tree. Boom roasted. Not really. I just need to type my paper but until then I'll just chill here. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 2...actually

The island is drifting away from underneath me, but then what am I standing on? Not important..must go to sleep...but if I sleep now I might not wake up. Okay goodnight, ZzzZzz.. *Wakes up on a bed in the medical wing of a rescue ship* Oh my lanta Batman it was all a dream. I better get up, I must of been laying here for a long time. I'll head over to the control room to see what has been going on while I napped. *To my surprise* There is no one here..but there is a note.. oh no it's just a tissue. There is no trace of anyone or of any struggle. This can't be real.. but it was. Here I was thinking that I was the one that had gone missing but, in reality, I was the only one that was left. I have to go back, back to headquarters to see if they have any clue as to what has happend to my comrades.. why are we the only ship left in the battlefield. Where has the enemy fled to? Were they destroyed? Were we destroyed? If that was the case why is this ship still sitting up here if all the other ships were shot down. I need to know what happend here..

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What do you Love? What do you want to do?

In school I chose what I love. I chose Physics and engineering. I chose Physics/Engineering because I love to learn and I want to keep learning forever in the field that I am in. Then with that comes a more specific love, love to solve problems, love to be clever, love to overcome obstacles. There is a high that comes from thinking of a solution to a problem, and the high is especially intense if that solution works. The joy comes in finding a solution but the path to get to the solution makes the end worth so much more. Building off of that, I want to do what I love. Engineering combines my love of problem solving with my obsession with bringing ideas into real life. The two greatest feelings that can come from these two career directions will be solving problems and being able to create things from ideas in my head. To see the real thing and see how closely it matches with an idea in my head is the best feeling ever. I want to be an inventor and that's it. I want to learn all I can in school to make me the best inventor I can be. Now being an inventor doesn't mean I have be creating ground-breaking inventions on a regular basis or even one ground-breaking invention. It just means I want to create. Whether I create in my garage on a budget that resembles the half-filled hat of a street performer or a budget that resembles Fort Knox. I can create for companies. I can improve on ideas that already exist.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Big Picture Details of the Beginning

Day 1
Today is the first day stranded on this God-forsaken island. My ship was damaged in a battle, I'm lucky I didn't die on impact. My space suit is equip with a kinetic energy absorbing jelly that saved me from severe bodily damage. I did hit my head pretty hard, though. Helmets tend to not work as well when your fall is from  the stratosphere. This war between the Draks and the Meekem has been going on for ages now. Even worse I am stuck here pondering the culmination of these events. until I can be rescued.Three generations of my brothers and sisters all fighting in a war that the War & Peace Security Council has labeled as critically vital. The council brings forces from all over the universe to help bring quicker endings to wars across the universe. Earth was foolish to join The Council. Earth's technology is significantly behind that of the rest of the universe's races' technology. We are just offering bodies to be shot by our enemies. The Council has taken the side of the Draks. One would think that when the entire universe's forces combine to end wars, those wars end would come quickly, however, our forces are spread too thin.

Pre-Registration into Sophomore Year

Today I got my schedule finalized and approved by my adviser. 17 credits for Fall 2016, shouldn't be bad. With only Physics lab next from here on out, Having more than one lab is a bit difficult, especially because my other lab is chemistry and I am not the greatest at it. I am slowly refining my classes to focus down more closely on my major. I have nothing against chemistry, I just prefer physics but am not to upset about being done with Gen Chem(s) I & II. Math and Physics are the main focus but I wish I could fit in some language classes , also that Lewis had a minor in French. Well freshman year is almost over and I can't wait to further my education but I don't want it to end too quick. I want to enjoy the ride to the top. I can't just jump from here, I have to take the slow incline so I can have time to build my foundations. This is going to be a trip..

QOD (quote of the day)
"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" ~ Isaac Newton